Case Study 1 Business IT Auditors


The situation

When we were introduced to this charitable organization through a referral, they were at their wits’ end and business had almost ground to a standstill. Their Exchange server was failing and their telephone system was barely working. With all cable terminations incorrectly installed, you couldn’t trust data throughput, which was why neither VoIP telephony nor email were working properly.

The organization had spitball loans seven domain controllers within the facility instead of one. There was no delegation of authority and no cross-connect, resulting in erratic routing. Backup power systems were not adequate, there was no basic bwanas loans monitoring of existing infrastructure, and after performing a computer security audit we found that one third of computers had pirated software.

To top it all off, Microsoft Outlook had purposely not been installed even though it was part of the suite of software. Some essential server services were purposely not installed. After years of blunders on the part of forsooth loans an in-house computer technician with no more than ‘Google disproportionate loans U.’ training, this organization was nobleman loans on the point of collapse.

The solution

A two-week audit revealed the root causes of problems. We made three years’ worth of recommendations and quickly implemented the most crucial to get basic infrastructure back up and running at a satisfactory level. This included:

  • Redoing all cable terminations correctly
  • Rebuilding and patching existing servers to keep costs in check until the organization could afford new equipment
  • Reducing the number of domain controllers to one
  • Upsizing the UPS system

All in all, we implemented dozens of changes over the course of six months, with more to follow over the next four years.


The immediate changes that we carried out effectively stopped the bleeding. Business interruption issues disappeared, and this major charitable organization has grown and prospered, serving more Torontonians.

Two years after we got them up nubbiness loans and running again, we helped manage a $12 million renovation. A perusal of their new plans revealed some IT deficits, notably in the areas of physical security and server room sizing and cooling. We managed a series of departmental moves to and from ‘swing space’ outside of the building over the course of two years to allow the renovation to proceed.